I do deliver heartly best wishes on realising the prospects of Pentagon (IMIT). We have seen different changes in the passage of time. Now the students aim towards job oriented stream i.e Management and IT. Consideing the present employement scenario, Our institute has created a 3 way scheme for the betterment of the future of the students. The total programe stands on three plan of technical education i.e. teaching, training and placing. We are on the way delivering our best effort in fullfilling the dreams of the students.

But without mutual co-operation all these forts may go in vani. Hence I invite the students to be a part of this pioneer institute so that we can serve students in their dream path.

Thank You...

Debashish Sahu


The twenty first century is full of cut-throat competition. A student get confused with regard to which course to undertake. Students and guardian to get confused and blinded. They fall victim to the take institution.

At last they get only certificate but no professional training. They are rejected in the professional companies. So, I want to convey the crucial message to all student and guardian. They should get cleared about the legal status and current achievement of IT and regreat college before selecting for admission into. So far as Pentagon concerned, through new, it has ushered hope and ambition amoung the students with qualified teachers wel equipped lab, groming classes as per requirement, remote location away from the pressure of the crowded Bhubaneswar present industry is the most suitable destination for the students impairing to be a leader in the field of ongoing information technology and management.

Thank You...

Gourang Patra